Personal and Service Robotics

Are there still people who haven’t ever read a science fiction story about robots? Over the last decades robots have made their way out of literature into real life. Personal Robots will finally be part of people’s homes to vacuum floors, to serve or to watch the premises. That’s what experts predict. Due to the recent advances in robot autonomy and the tremendous cost reductions concerning devices, these developments will occur.

Because of the development of plants and machineries getting more demanding, scientists began to call their constructions „robots“. The word „robot“ has its origins in science fiction works. Today, scientifics, who deal with constructing and developing robots call them „robotics“.

The robotics, or robots, are automatic devices, accomplishing acts ascribed by humans.
They are able to be reprogrammed and have multifunctional skills to perform plenty of tasks.

According to publications of the United Nations they can be subsumed in three major groups: industrial, professional service and personal service robotics.
These three categories also refer to diffrerent technologies, historic developments als well as commercialization.